Saturday, December 10, 2016

Slim Khezri Celebrates 25 Years Ago Tonight: 'Die Rudi Carrell Show' (7 Dec 1991, Saturday) - TV DEBUT

It Was 25 Years Ago (7 December 1991, Saturday) on 'Die Rudi Carrell Show'

Television Debut


[taken from biography] "Slim's first notable television appearance was in Germany, on Saturday, December 7, 1991, on the popular hit show "Die Rudi Carrell Show", where he competed as one of five guests, impersonating famous singers, and hosted by Dutch entertainer, and TV icon Rudi Carrell. Out of approximately 700 applicants per episode, Slim was invited back to audition by WDR (West German Broadcasting, Cologne). After 3 attempts, Slim secured his casting, he was chosen from among 30 candidates. Rudi Carrell (thought by many to have discovered Slim Khezri) was very convinced, and believed in Slims talents, and made personally the phone call to confirm him for the show. Pre-taped the night before on Friday, December 6, 1991, Slim gave a stunning performance as Michael Jackson, singing the classic "Billie Jean" LIVE, captivating the audience with his dance moves and the iconic Moonwalk. The show was a huge hit, it drew the largest audience to date, at nearly 20 million viewers throughout Europe and beyond, which brought him instant fame. The show included a similar concept to "Star Search" or "Pop Idol" in America and brought many well-known German pop stars and actors to prominence, such as Alexis or Mark Keller. It also featured comedy sketches, and a 'Make-a-Wish' segment."  

Rudi Carrell  

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