Thursday, November 17, 2016

Slim Khezri to play Steif on 'Da Bad Boyz' EPIC MINIs (DBBZ)

Photo Roger Gutierrez
 As reported nearly 2 months ago in September, Slim Khezri has joined "da bad boyz" aka DBBZ, a series of short musically driven films on YouTube about the lives and momentary adventures of fictional armed security guards who take the initiative to creatively handle random daily situations. Like many people, they are vulnerable to mistakes and always try to do what's right. As security guards, da bad boyz always find another way to handle situations, especially never using their firearms when handling interesting obstacles. The series is created, directed and produced by Greg Yoder. Slim will be making his debut in the upcoming episode, titled "New Team, Same Tank!" (written by Greg Yoder, and Slim Khezri). Slim will be playing "Steif" (Stiff, german), a character Slim developed for the series.

Photo Roger Gutierrez

  For more information, visit the EPIC MINIS page, watch the previous episodes, to get an idea, and join the fun

 Also; over 6,000 LIKES on DBBZ Facebook fanpage: and great fan base chatter on Twitter! (subscribe & like)


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