Monday, April 22, 2013

Article 301 (short film)

Plot: A Turkish nationalist Zeki Abaz (Slim Khezri) targets a Turkish-Armenian Journalist Kegham Hakobian (David Light), after giving a speech at UCLA on Armenian Genocide of 1915. Zeki confronts Kegham for Violating the Notorious law "Article 301". A story inspired by the assassination of Hrant Dink in Jan. 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey.

ARTICLE 301 (short film, 2007)
Written, Produced, and Directed: Matthew Van, Barry Taft
Director of Photography: Steven Garcia
Starring: Slim Khezri, David Light, Johnathan Engel
Music: Greg Hosharian (*additional music by LAILA)

Article 301 (Turkish Penal Code), a controversial article of the Turkish Penal Code making it illegal to insult Turkey, the Turkish ethnicity, or Turkish government institutions.
Hrant Dink (Armenian: Հրանդ Տինք), a Turkish-Armenian editor, journalist and columnist

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